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Google Play Store: Most Common Issues to Deal With and How to Solve Them

We all know how important the Google Play Store is for Android users. Sometimes, we will deal with some issues that we’ll need to repair if we want it to work correctly. And we can help you with this matter.

Here are the most common issues to deal with and how to solve them

You may need to register with Google

Back in 2018, Google has managed to find out which Android devices were unlicensed. There are many phones and tablets that come from no-name brands, and they didn’t pay the licensing fees for the Android OS. Google has stopped the Google Play Store from working in some cases. Or, Google Play Store just simply does not run any Google-branded apps, such as Maps or Gmail.

In these cases, you might see the Error Code 501, or you might get a warning that you have an unlicensed device. But in some cases, you might not get any error messages or warnings at all. Google now allows unlicensed devices to get access to the Play Store. However, you will need to register the device with Google.

How to do it

First of all, you will need to download and install the app Device ID in order to get access to the info about your phone. If you don’t get access to the Play Store, try to get an APK – but always from a safe source.

After you install it, make sure you copy the Google Service Framework number. Then, go to Google’s device registration site. You need to log into the Google account. Then, long-press the text input box for the Google Services Framework Android ID. Paste the number copied from the app, and press on the Register button.

Then, you will need to restart your device.

Reinstall and install again

If you have a rooted device, you can uninstall the Play Store app and then install it again. But if you don’t have a rooted device, it might be a bit challenging, but not impossible.

In order to do so, open Settings, then go to Apps& notifications. Then, go to see all apps.  Select Google Play Store, and then top the three-dot Menu button. From there, choose Uninstall updates. This will put the Play Store to its original version.

Error codes

Play Store sometimes shows error codes, and these are common issues we usually deal with. Most of them are very easy to deal with, but there are also some that are challenging.

For example:

Error 498. This one means that your phone’s cache is full. You need to wipe the cache partition by using the phone’s recovery.

Error 919: this one means that the storage of your phone is full. Make sure you free up some space on your device.

Error 403: this means you’re using two different Google accounts on the same device. Make sure you use the correct account and remove the other one.

Error 927: this means that the Play Store is already updating, so you will just need to wait until it finishes updating.

Error 919: this means your Access Point Name settings are not correct. You will need to get the correct APN settings and then reconfigure your device.



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