Google Play Store or GMS Installation on Huawei Mate 30, 30 Pro, or Mate X

The business war between Huawei and the US is not a new thing anymore. Last year, the Chinese manufacturer was banned by the US government due to some suspicion. Huawei was put at the corner for stealing user details and sending them to the Chinese government. As a consequence, Google ban, too, the Chinese manufacturer from utilizing the Google Services Core ora any of its services at all, until the issue is solved.

What Did Huawei Do and There is a Fix to Install the Google Play Store?

Huawei, on the other hand, decided there’s no time to lose users’ interest, and launched a bunch of devices without the Google Services Core. It uses not the Huawei Services Core, and the devices arrive without Google Maps, Play Store, or YouTube.

But, as sad as it might sound, there are some ways to install the Google Play Store or the GMS. You won’t need any advanced guidelines at all to install the Play Store on your Huawei device. Let’s see what we can do! First, you’ll need a laptop or Windows PC, and the Huawei HiSuite installed on your PC.

Google Play Store or GMS For Huawei Mate 30, 30 Pro, or Mate X

After you download the Huawei HiSuite, you’ll need to set your device to File transfer mode and connect it to your PC. Go to Settings and search the HDB. Select Allow HiSuite and wait a few seconds until your device will connect to the PC. A screen will pop up once the connection is made with HiSuite. Download LZPlay from the Internet and unzip the app on your PC. A password will be requested, type “a12345678.”

Unzip the Google Apps zip file in your PC, too, and copy it to your internal memory of your Huawei device to install the Google Play Store. Access your device’s Files app. You’ll notice 6 apps that you should install them. After installation, grant them all the permissions and open the LZPlay app on your device. Press Activate and ignore all the pop-up messages. Finally, click Restart. You have successfully installed GMS on your device.

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