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Google Play Store Perks and How to Make the Most Out of Them

We all want to make our lives easier when it comes to using technology. The Google Play Store is known for having its perks, and we are here to give you the best tips on how to use it.

A shortcut for the new apps appear automatically? Not anymore

You know that when you download an app from the App Store, you get a shortcut that’s created and placed on your home screen. Every single time. So, normally, your home screen will get a bit crowded, and you don’t want all of them there. You can stop the Google Play Store from doing that automatically. Go to Settings, then untick Auto-add widgets.

Make the most out of the Android Device Manager

In case you don’t know, Google has released an app called Android Device Manager. It basically allows you to control your Android device from the web version of the Play Store. You can also ring your device, lock it or erase data from it – especially if it was stolen. Go to the web Play Store and click on the Gear icon. Then go to the Android Device Manager.

Find a device by using the Android Device Manager app

The Android Device Manager app can help you a lot. It can track all of the other devices that are registered under the same Google account. If you need to find any of your devices directly from the web, go to the Play Store, then click the Gear icon, then go to Android Device Manager. You will get a drop-down menu; from there, choose the device that you want to find.

Download apps directly from the web Play Store

We think it is easier this way. You can download apps for your Android device directly from your desktop browser. In order to do so, open the web Play Store, then search for the app you want to download. Then, tap on Install. Then, you need to choose the device that you want to install the app on, and press Install.

Filter the apps

The content on the Google Play Store is rated in terms of maturity. The level of maturity of an app depends on the content of the game: violence, gambling, dark humor. You can always filter the apps and make them disappear from the front page. In order to do so, go to Settings, then tap on Content Filtering. From here, you need to tick or untick the maturity level. Then, tap OK.

You can get rid of the annoying update notifications

The Play Store will automatically update all your Android apps when there is a new version available. If you have disabled this feature, but you’re still getting the notifications, then you need our help. Open the Play Store app and go to Settings. Then, Untick Notifications. Easy, right?

We hope you find these tips and trick helpful.



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