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Google Play Store Receives New Feature that Makes App Subscriptions More Transparent

Google is allegedly making plans to carry out some changes in the Google Play Store that will enable developers to sell subscriptions for Android apps straight from the app store.  

The tech giant is said to implement a new function that will allow users to buy a subscription to a service without having to necessarily download the application. The required subscription, as well as pricing details, will reportedly be announced on the Google Play Store listing.  

In addition, a new button will be added next to the ‘Install’ one – this button will allow users to buy the app’s subscription before they install it on their device. As per Techcrunch, Google has already released the feature to a select few developers for testing purposes.  

What the Function Does 

Google vaguely revealed the change in a blog post but did not disclose any concrete information as to how the function works. The tech giant only describes it as a way for users to ‘discover and purchase items outside your app.’  

Certain apps are already testing the new service. The report provided by Google says that the functionality is possible because of the recent incorporation of Android Billing Library version 3. The brand new library is able to power a subscription promo code redemption experience as well as allow users to start a free trial and carry on to the download or purchase the extra services in a direct manner.  

Developers will be able to sell services straight from their app’s detail page with the new function. The transparent marketing option is amazing for both the consumer and the developer. You can also receive the exact details about the subscription on the app’s page. Another great thing is that you have all the subscriptions from various apps in one place.  

Google plans to expand this feature to include other virtual goods in the future. 



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