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Google Play Store Rolls Out Revamped ‘Categories’ Section

The Google Play Store has now started releasing a fresh look to the app, as well as a redesigned ‘Categories’ section to make it easier to browse. 

Initially discovered as it rolled out on Reddit, the newly designed ‘Categories’ section is joined by a small but noticeable revamp of the ‘Family’ and ‘Kids’ categories with larger sections and icons for better identification of what you’re looking for.

This no not a major redesign, but as you’ll definitely be able to see later on, the entire categories section is a lot better spaced than it was earlier on the Google Play Store​. The new icons are a lot larger, more detailed. Also, the circular icons that have been a basic feature for a while are now gone. In addition, it looks like the ‘Top categories’ section has been entirely deleted, probably as it feels a bit extra for the most part.

More Changes

There are no details on whether these new Google Play Store​ categories will be available widely over the coming weeks or if it is part of an A/B UI test. Nevertheless, it is live on numerous devices, which suggests that this change is made possible through a server-side switch.

This is not all, however, as the ‘Family’ section has also seen some minor revamp as part of the ‘Categories’ changes. There are new changes for each family-focused category, with an overflow menu showcasing the new style.

It might not be the most significant user interface revamp that we’ve seen on the Google Play Store,​ but the new ‘Categories’ section might help you find new apps to download and install a bit better than previously.

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