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Google Play Store – Tips and Tricks For Android You Should Know

The Google Play Store is an incredible advantage for all Android devices as it provides you with a large collection of apps and games to choose from. To get the most of your shopping experience, we’ve gathered a few Google Play Store tips and tricks you may not be aware of.

Swipe to Open the Play Store Menu

This can actually be done two ways, with the first, and the most used is to tap on the ‘three bars’ icon on the top left. However, there’s an even faster and more convenient way to open the Play Store menu: when you’re in the app, simply swipe from the left side of the screen. The menu will launch, and you can then access different sections of the store, as well as your account settings.

Manage Your Apps in the Play Store

The Google Store has a section called ‘My Apps & Games,’ from which you can check the apps you’ve downloaded, which were pre-loaded, and the ones you need to update. This area is a great place to manage your apps within the Play Store and to access it easily.  

Simply launch the app and open the menu. Under the ‘Apps & Games’ section, you’ll see the ‘My Apps & Games’ option; tap on it, and a list of your installed apps should appear. From here, you can tap on the ‘Update All’ button at the top-right part of the display, as well as monitor and manage the apps. You can also head to the ‘All’ section, where you’ll see which apps were on your device and what you can remove.

Download Apps Using Your PC

It is surprising how few people actually know this trick. All you need to do is log into your Google account and launch the Google Play Store; then, find the app you want to download and install it. You’ll see a drop-down menu, including your Android devices connected to the Google account; select the device you want the app on, and it will download on your smartphone in no time.

Put a Parental Lock on Google Play Store

The parental lock function allows you to set up controls in order to prevent your Android smartphone from being misused. This could include games with violent content or apps that could put your child in danger, such as chats that expose their location.  

To put a parental lock on the Google Play Store, head to the menu and select the ‘Settings’ section. Tap on the ‘Parental Controls’ option and hit the slider so it is enabled. You will then be asked to input a PIN code, create one and check the list of things you can download and tap the ones you want to put restrictions upon

Disable Automatic Addition of a Shortcut to the Home Screen

When you install any new app, Google Play Store has the annoying habit of automatically adding a shortcut to your Home screen. Even though this can sometimes be conventional, it can rather become bothersome, more so if you download a lot of apps that you don’t necessarily use on a daily basis.  

To disable this systematic addition, simply go to the Google Play Store, find the settings menu, and uncheck the ‘Add Icon to Home Screen’ option.  

What are some of your favorite Google Play Store tips and tricks? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below. 



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