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Google Play Store: Tips on How to Use It Properly

Did you know that there are so many things you can do in the Play Store that can make your life easier? We did, and we are here to share. Here are the top tips and tricks to keep in mind when using the Google Play Store.

Put a stop to the auto-update process

You may not always like the changes that come with the update – there may be user interface changes, there may be way too many bugs that no one took care of. You can stop an app from auto-updating, and you can remain with the stable version of the app. When you want to update all of the apps at once, you are able to choose which ones not to update.

In order to do so, open the app page on the Play Store and top on the menu with the three dots. Uncheck Enable auto-update, and you are good to go.

Enable the dark mode

Everywhere we look, we see the dark mode. And Google is not the one to fall behind. It comes with an official dark mode version, and you can enable it directly from the Settings page. Open the menu and tap on Settings. Then, tap on Theme and choose Dark. It’s that simple.

Make the most out of the Google Play Pass

If you know that you use a lot of apps and games from the Google Play Store, then you might want to get the Google Play Pass. It’s a subscription service that costs $4.99 per month, and you can get access to more than 400 premium games and apps. You won’t have to pay for the individual apps. This will save you a lot of money. Some of the most popular apps are Monument Valley 2, Stardew Valley, LIMBO, and Lichtspeer. This service is only available in the US, and you can find it from the menu.

Be safe with Play Protect

Google has added to its service Play Protect, and it comes with on-device protection against the installation of dangerous apps. You can avoid a lot of dangerous third-party apps. You will find in on the menu. From there, tap on the ‘cogwheel’ icon and then make sure that all of the toggles are turned on.

Early access is life

Make sure you check out the Early Access apps from the Store. You can get a sneak peek of both the apps and the games that are still currently worked on and still not available for public access. You can also give feedback and help developers make an app better.

In order to find the Early access feature, you need to swipe left on the categories mentioned on the app homepage.

You can easily switch accounts without any troubles

If you have two accounts and you’d like to get access to the apps from the US Play Store, then you came to the right place. You can move from one account to the other from the menu, but that’s a pain in the back. There’s a new update that had made things easier. You can just swipe up or down on the profile icon and move between the accounts. It saves you so much time.



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