Google Play Store Tips to Keep in Mind

For many persons, the Google Play Store is only the place where they search for app. We are here to tell you how to make the most out of the Google Play Store.

Parental controls

We are sure that your children want all the games and apps from the service. In this case, you might want to stop them from downloading and installing certain apps and games that might not be for them. It’s very easy to do so. Go to Settings, to User Controls. Then, to turn on Parental Controls, then to Set the restrictions. You will put a PIN there, and every time your kid tries to download an app that’s inappropriate, he won’t be able.

Prevent others from spending your money

Do you know how many people are there who share a phone with someone else? If you linked your credit card to the Play Store, someone might end up buying some apps that you don’t necessarily want. In order to prevent this, you can restrict the app purchases if you enable authentication from the Play Store. You need to go to Settings to Require authentication for purchases – For all purchases through Google Play on this device. If your phone has a fingerprint scanner, you can turn on the Fingerprint authentication option, and it’s even better.

You can get a refund

If you get an app that you don’t necessarily like, you can request a refund. The refund option is placed next to the Install and Open buttons. You can do it within two hours of your purchase – you will get your money back with no questions asked.

If these 2 hours passed, you need to open your browser on your computer and go to your account on the store. Scroll down in order to view your order history. Find the app you don’t want and click on the three dots placed on the right. Then, select Request a refund. You will get a form that you need to complete and then submit it.

Install an app directly from your computer

If you find it easier to do this on your desktop, you can do it without problems. Just go to the Google Play Store on your browser, log in with your account, and choose which device you want the app to be installed to. Then, click Install. The app will be installed automatically on your phone.

Filter the apps

You can filter the apps in the Play Store. If you like a game very much, you can see what the developer has to offer. You can use the pub:developer name when you’re searching for a certain app.

You can stop the updates automatically

We know that you don’t want the Google Play Store to update the apps you don’t use automatically. You can stop this entire process from happening. Go to Settings, to General, to Auto-update apps, to Do not auto-update apps.

The Play Store also allows you to disable auto-updates selectively. Go to the Play Store, and tap on the menu button placed at the top-right, and uncheck the Auto-update.

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