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Google Play Store – Best Tips and Tricks to Enhance Your Experience

Android users rely on the Google Play Store to get apps, movies, eBooks, and more for their smartphones or tablets.

The Play Store has been with us for a few years now, and it’s safe to say that we all know the basics of it.

It’s easy to download apps, update existing ones, and search for new content, but there are some neat features that you might have missed since they often get overlooked by most users.

Google Play Store is more than a means of searching for and installing apps, and you might be surprised to see what you might have missed!

Here are the top features of Google Play Store that you might not have known:

Content Filtering

Android apps, just like most media content today, are rated in terms of maturity on the Play Store. You can control the level of maturity you want to be displayed, which is very useful if children also use your smartphone.

Here’s how to access content filtering:

Go to Play Store Settings -> Content Filtering -> Choose a maturity level that you desire.

App Orders

Did you know that you can track how you spend money on your smartphone apps?

Open Play Store, tap the gear button -> My orders.

From there, you’ll see all of your in-app and app expenses on the Play Store.

Stop Apps From Being Automatically Added To Your Home Screen

Don’t you hate it when you install a new app, your phone automatically adds it to the home screen, and then you have to remove it manually?

To prevent that from happening again, you can open GooglePlay, swipe left, go to Settings, and then de-select the Add icon to Home Screen option.

It’s that simple, and it saves you some time and frustration.

Installing Apps From Desktop

Google Play Store allows users to install apps on their Android devices from a regular desktop browser. Here are the steps you must follow to do that:

  • Search for the Google Play Store online from any browser.
  • Log in and search for the app you desire to install.
  • Pick a device and click install.

Access The Phone Remotely

You can use Android Device Manager to access your Android device remotely. You can then ring it, lock it, or erase all data if it gets stolen. To do that, you have to open the web version of GooglePlay Store, click or tap on the Gear icon, and open Android Device Manager.

Filtering By Device Type

You might have encountered situations when you wanted to install an app for your tablet and then discovered that it’s meant for mobiles, and it runs weirdly.

To avoid such situations, you can filter app searches by Opening Play Store, selecting APPS at the top, and then selecting Designed for tablets from the drop-down menu.

Search By Keyword

Google Play Store offers nearly endless choices of apps. Sometimes you know what kind of app you need but don’t know its name. Thankfully, Play Store has a built-in search engine where you can search for by keyword or even phrase.

To do that, open the Google Play app, tap the magnifying glass, type stuff like “best mp3 player” or “weather app,” etc.

You’ll see the top results based on various criteria.

Isn’t it impressive?



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