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Google Play Store Update Launched With Improvements And Bug Fixes

The introduction of a storefront app like the Google Play Store, which offers streamlined access to a wealth of content, has been one of the innovations which contributed to the rising popularity of smartphones during the early years.

The Importance of the Google Play Store

Veteran and tech-savvy users remember Google’s first foray in the form of the Android Market, which played an important role in the Android OS.

The introduction of the Android Market was a great boon for both users and content developers, as the former could enjoy more content on their device while the latter did not need to worry about guiding users through installation tutorials or hosting new apps on expensive distribution websites.

In time Google added other types of content to the Android Market, including eBooks and songs. While the addition of more content was great, some users were confused by the way in which content sold by Google could be used. For example, it was not clear if it is mandatory to own an Android device if you wanted to buy and read eBooks.

What’s New in the Latest Google Play Store Update?

The confusion and aging design of the app encouraged Google to opt for a complete overhaul, and the Google Play Store was released as a fresh replacement for the old Android Market. It was an inspired decision as many users appreciated the cleaner interface and user-friendly design of the new storefront app.

Last year a major overhaul was also implemented as the Google Play Store received the Material Theme update, and it now looks even better, with clearly defined categories and clearly-divided sections.

Users who access the app will enjoy the ability to download a significant number of apps, games, and eBooks for free or a specific price tag. In some countries, there is also the option to acquire video content such as movies and TV series, but this feature is restricted by copyright limitations.
The Google Play Store 19.5.14 update comes with new bug fixes.



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