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Google Play Store vs Apple’s Play Store: why Apple is better

We know for sure that the Play Store has a lot to offer – it’s full of apps, but we believe that Apple’s App Store is ahead of Google when it comes to the app’s marketplace.

We are here to tell you which are some things that should appear in the Play Store as soon as possible.

Game and apps lists

Let’s all agree that the Play Store cannot recommend good stuff according to what you need. This is why we need these apps and games lists.

When you open the Google Play Store, you see paid advertisements. Then, you get a lot of average games and apps, which are recommended to you, even if they’re not useful for you.

If we are to compare it to the App Store, which comes with daily lists of apps and games from a bunch of categories, it’s really a mess. The lists coming from Apple are not generated by an algorithm, but they’re made by a team of the editorial team.

Google also has these lists, but you can find them in the tab that’s labeled Editors’ Choice. From what we see, they had a great idea, but they just abandoned it. Their most recent list was updated 6 months ago, and there are about 15 lists from which you can choose from.

The app and the game of the day

Discovering amazing new apps is amazing, and the App Store can help you with that in no time. Every day, they recommend the app and the game of the day, chosen by the editors. They also come with a little bit of description.

When there’s a features game that has not come out yet, you can simply pre-order it, and it will be downloaded to your device in the first 24 hours of its release. Google does not even notify you when the game hits the market.

In the Google Play Store, there are thousands of new apps and games that are added every day. But they do not make it easier for you, you will have to get things through by yourself.

From time to time, you will get the Game Spotlight section on the home screen, but you get the same images and descriptions, which can also be found on the app pages.

Daily interviews and guides

This is yet another amazing thing that the Apple Store’s Today tab does – the interviews, the how-tos, and the tips and tricks. There are more than 20 new pieces to read every day. There are many guides and useful tips about apps and games. And they are listed where you need them, on the Home Page of the App Store. And the apps are only of high-quality.

It might be nice for the Google Play Store to offer more than the basic apps. We should mention that the Google Play Points rewards are a nice program, but it is not that useful.




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