Google Play Store vs. Aptoide – Which One Should You Choose?

With countless apps, e-books, music, games, and other types of files that it can offer for its users, the Play Store from Google seems like the perfect source for downloading your desired content. But even so, it’s always good to have alternatives.

Aptoide also offers plenty of software for smartphones, creating a fierce competition for the official Android marketplace. Choosing which one of the two app stores is the better option may be difficult, and this is where we can provide you some help.

Aptoide seems more secure

Oddly enough, it seems like Aptoide is more secure than its opponent. Aptoide’s inner code has been written on the JAVA platform, which is the most used option for making highly secured apps. Java hs the Bytecode version, which cannot be deciphered.

On the other hand, Play Store is the official source of Android apps, and it’s also highly reliable. However, there had been plenty of malicious apps present on the Play Store, but Google is making efforts to keep its app store as clean as possible.

Everything’s free on Aptoide

While all apps are offered free of charge on Aptoide, we can’t say the same about the Play Store.  Google offers plenty of free content, it’s true, but there are many apps and games that require the user to pay money. There is even content that can be installed for free but will require in-app payments for some progression.

The conclusion is that Aptoide can be considered better than the Play Store if you’re not the type of user who wants to use and test as many apps as possible. Of course, the Play Store from Android will always be a more reliable source of content, considering that it’s the official Android store. There will always be people saying that opting for Aptoide can present a little risk since it’s a non-official source of content, and this is why the Play Store will always have the upper hand.

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