Google Play Store vs. Paytm Mini App Store – Small Service On The Growth

In a rapid and frankly hurriedly manner, Paytm announced the introduction of its “Mini App Store” in response to the momentary takedown of their app from the Google Play Store.

Small Service On The Growth!

Basically, the Mini App Store is an aggregation of some apps that take users to a web variant of such partnered apps on Paytm.

Vijay Shekhar Sharma, Paytm Founder and CEO, stated that the Mini App Store would help developers from India use its reach and payment options to innovate.

It puts an end to the need for a separate download and enables using a payment option of choice for users.

While many partners appear on the app, the company hosts a digital conference this week to attract more partners to the Paytm ecosystem.

Narendra Yadav, Vice President of Paytm, said:

“We are going to explain our vision for the mini-app program and the app store and explain the services that will be offered. Developers will get an opportunity to clarify their queries.”

Effect On Google

Google received significant backlash because of its 30% fees for developers and mandated use of its custom billing system under its new payment policy.

The company didn’t ignore the development coming from the world’s most extensive Android OS user base.

“When it comes to Android users, Google’s Play Store is key to use an array of dedicated Google apps. As a result of Google’s networked advantages, it becomes tough for app developers as well as users to switch to emerging alternatives,” said Prabhu Ram, Head-Industry Intelligence Group (IIG), CMR.

The new app store is insignificant when you compare it to Google Play, but it will undoubtedly evolve.

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