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Google Play Store Will Revamp the Current Settings Page

Google is reportedly getting ready to redesign the Settings page on the Play Store. The new design will remove the long lists and multiple pages.

At the moment, the Google Play Store on Android devices has a ‘Settings’ page that has all the important settings but in a long list view design. When tapped, each setting would open a new window.

Revamping the Settings Page

For some users, this list could be annoying as to find the right settings, they have to browse through a very long catalog of settings. The good news is that the company is now intending to revamp the whole Google Play Store​ settings page to make it handier to use.

The initial report, made by APK Insight, covers the latest version of the app that Google publishes to the Play Store. The decompilation of the APK’s insights emphasizes some of the basic codes that hint at a possible forthcoming feature. However, it is always possible that the developer may decide not to release the feature, which may not even make it to the stable version of the app.

So, it is just a clue that Google is working on this. And if it ends up being useful, Google will update the new Settings menu to the Google Play Store​.

Google Play Store Version 22.4.25 Highlights the Revamp

However, according to developers at 9t5Google, who managed to decompile the Google Play Store​ version 22.4.25, the redesigned Settings menu is highlighted in this app version. The current settings page depicts a list of options that the user can enable or disable. The list contains three sections: General, User Controls, and About.

Reportedly, the revamped page would have a ‘Down’ arrow at the right of every section. This arrow, when pressed, will open a drop-down list of all the options falling under that segment.

Google Play Store will list all the functions related to the Settings page under the heading of the area. This makes the page less cluttered and easy to access. In addition, you can broaden all the sections at the same time or one at a time. Below the header of the area, there is a settings preview included in that particular header.

What’s more, the newly revamped settings will keep you on the same page when you toggle any function. This also gives the developers more room to implement more options into one page.



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