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Google Stadia is Being Tested on Multiple Devices

​Anyone already knows that Google plans to bring Stadia to as many devices as possible. The tech giant announced in November that it is working to provide users the same action to non-Pixel devices.

As per some new reports, Google is already working on the project. For the last few weeks, numerous reports have surfaced, detailing users logging into Stadia on their non-Pixel mobile phones. Those users are welcomed with one of the screens as opposed to ‘Choose where to play’ window, offering you the option of Chromecast Ultra or a PC.

Users are able to start a game while connected to a Wi-Fi network after linking to a third-party or Stadia Controller for an equal experience as the Pixel 2, 3, 3a, and 4 offer. Sadly, access only lasts for that particular session, as the ‘This Screen’ window disappearing after closing the game.

Stadia to Launch Soon for Android Devices

This appears to be an A/B test performed by Google to collect information about the way Stadia is functioning on non-Pixel smartphones. There is nothing one can do in order to be a part of this totally random test.

The few reports depicting early access are dated to December and include a few smartphones like a OnePlus 6T, Samsung Galaxy 10e, and Samsung Galaxy Note 9. They expand over a number of generations and ranges, implying that Google could make Stadia available to a rather wide range of mobile phones.

Google mentioned back in November that it wants ‘Stadia to run on every screen eventually,’ and the intent, starting with Pixel, aids in optimizing the user experience tremendously before the service will be widely available this year.

“Android and iOS and whatnot. We’re starting with Pixel this year. Hope to learn a bunch, make it great and start expanding to more devices next year,” the technology giant noted.

There is a rather good chance that Stadia will be released soon for all Android smartphones, or, at least, for the majority of them.



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