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Google Stadia on Smartphones — Tips and Tricks

Google Stadia is a cloud gaming service launched by Google back in 2019. The service can stream games up to 4K resolution with support for high-dynamic range. It is accessible through the Pixel smartphones and the Google Chrome web browser.

The Smartphone Compatibility Of Google Stadia

Google Stadia is also supporting smartphones such as Samsung, Asus, and Razer, but Chromecast and Chrome OS tablets, too. Thanks to the latest technological development, users will no longer need a game console to play video games. A smartphone could be enough. But, if you’re uncertain about how to use Google Stadia on your device, there are some useful tips and tricks.

Unfortunately, there are only a few smartphone manufacturers that made Stadia available on their devices. So, check to see if you’re Stadia-compatible, with a quick search on Google. But, if your device stand where it should be, let’s find out what you need to enjoy the gaming service.

How To Use Google Stadia On Smartphones

First, you need a great Internet connection. Then, the Google Stadia app, possibly a USB cable, and a controller. The gaming service requests you to use a controller to play games, unlike previous smartphone game experiences. You can use the PS4 or Xbox One controller, as well.

Next, connect your controller to your compatible device. You can do it in two ways. Use a USB cable, if you have Xbox One Elite or Xbox 360 because they don’t have Bluetooth access. For PS4, Xbox Adaptive, and Xbox One, things are easier as they connect flawlessly via Bluetooth. Pair the controller and the smartphone by pressing the Options and PS button for PS4, and the Sync button for Xbox.

Start by turning on Bluetooth and scanning and wait for a couple of seconds to connect. Open Google Stadia, and allow it to recognize the controller. Notice the controller icon on the top right corner. Press it to pair the app with the controller, and you can start playing games.



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