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Google to Add a Tab Grouping Feature for Chrome

Google has announced today that it is adding a new tab grouping feature to its Chrome browser. The new feature is incredibly exciting as it will help users better organize the numerous tabs usually open all the time.

If you want to get the feature now, Google said it is available in the latest Chrome Beta and will be available for more users that use the desktop versions of Chrome the following week.

A More Efficient Tab Management

This new tab grouping implementation is pretty smart. You can get a tab on a group by right-clicking on it and allocate it with the ‘Add tab to group’ option. You can then choose an existing group to move the tab to or create a new one, which you also have to name and label.

There’s also the option to assign a color to the groups you create, which you will see under all of the tabs included in the group. You can drag tabs from group to group as well if you want to change the way they are placed.

Tab Grouping in Google Chrome [Image: Google]
Google had been testing this feature for a few months before it released it for beta users, as some had already spotted. Based on this early testing, Google said it found many people prefer to label their tabs by topic, similar to a project they are working on or a set of shopping and review websites, for instance.

However, Chrome is not the first browser to provide its users with built-in tab grouping. Other browser makers tapped into consumer demand for more efficient tab management solutions in order to make that a selling point for their own Google Chrome alternatives.

For instance, Vivaldi users have access to an automatic tab stacking that keep the clutter down. Moreover, Opera has also introduced this year a new version of its browser that allows users to organize tabs into different workspaces.



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