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Google Warns Users About Microsoft Edge Chromium On Some Extension Issues

Google continues with the rivalry between Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, with the help of a new warning. Those of you who browse the Chrome web store by using the Microsoft Edge browser will get a message: “Google recommends switching to Chrome to use extensions securely.” This is the latest move between Google and Microsoft.

Google Considers That Some Microsoft Edge Chromium Extensions Cause Issues

Microsoft Edge is powered by Chromium, which means that it can use the extensions that were designed for Google Chrome. They work without any problems, and this is a concern for Google. Microsoft Edge has access to thousands of extensions, which makes Microsoft Edge even better. And by being powered by Chromium, Microsoft Edge is compatible with websites just as Chrome is.
How does Google know all of these details?

We have also heard that Google uses ‘user agent string’ in order to see when people are viewing the Chrome web store through Microsoft Edge. If you change the user-agent from the new browser, this warning will go away. This warning does not appear in other browsers that are also powered by Chromium, like Brave or Opera. This warning does not stop anyone from using the Chrome extensions in Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Edge Devs Fight Back

Google has used these tactics in the past as well, and others, too, like blocking or warning people about the Google services in the Microsoft Edge browser. Google explained that they were doing this because Microsoft Edge was still in beta testing, but people were not buying it.

Microsoft also recommends Microsoft Edge all the time. If you are searching for Chrome in Bing, the browser will tell you why Microsoft Edge is better than Google Chrome. The new Microsoft Edge is already available for Windows 10, Android, and iOS.



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