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Google’s Exciting New Releases: Google Pixel 5 and the Pixel 4a

At the time of writing, there is a lot of interest around the upcoming Pixel 5  and Pixel 4a phones, released by the tech giant, Google. There is some good reasons for that. After the incredible success of the low-cost Pixel 3a in 2019, the tech giant has decided to take a more practical approach towards the roster of handsets coming out this year, or so it seems. Basically, the company is focusing on what is essential while throwing away polarizing features that do not appeal to the broad public.

Related to the Pixel4a, the information that we have heard so far suggests that Google will not try to fix what is not broken. The device, which should theoretically be revealed sometime within the next eight weeks. This date, however, seems to keep on shifting. A lot of elements regarding these two new phones is changing. For example, there will be a performance bump due to its new processor, as well as  a new OLED display. The display seems to extend all the way around the edges of the phone and there is a large, single-lens camera with the latest imaging tech from Google. Most likely, there will not be an XL-sized counterpart to the Pixel 4a. It really seems that Google has decided to stick to what matters.

On the other hand, the Pixel 5 could be highly different from the Pixel 4, which came out last year. Google has chosen to move from Qualcomm’s well-known Snapdragon 8-series platform to a new model, the Snapdragon 765. The Snapdragon 765 is actually a less powerful chip that is still able to support 5G connectivity. It also looks like the Pixel 5 may just give up on the Soli radar chip that was first introduced with the Pixel 4. This seems to indicate that the Motion Sense air gestures will definitely not be part of the new devices.



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