Grand Theft Auto 5: Tips and Trick to Enjoy It at Its Fullest

There are so many cool things you could try in GTA. We are here to give you some tips and tricks on how to enjoy the game at its fullest.

Jet planes

You are able to break into the military base, and then steal a fighter jet. When you enter the restricted zone, keep in mind that the wanted level will get to four stars, and the tanks will come to get you, which means that you need to act quickly. The easiest way to steal a jet is to fill up Trevor’s special meter, find a helicopter, and fly high over Fort Zancudo. If you are high enough, then you won’t trigger the alarms. Then, skydive into the base. Look for the large open hangar, adjacent to the runway. You will always find a jet inside. Do not forget to activate Trevor’s special when you are on the ground, and make a beeline for the jet. Then leave.

Be careful where you fly

Most of us got a blimp via unlock code, and most of us probably get into that blimp as soon as possible and start flying around. And it is fantastic, but you need to make sure you know where to fly. There are some restricted airspaces which you should avoid. For example, do not fly over the airport or the prison or the military base. It might be awesome, but it is not the right getaway vehicle since it is a balloon floating in the sky.

Find treasures at the bottom of the ocean

You can find a lot of real estate in GTA 5, which is placed at the bottom of the ocean. You get some optional mission collectibles, but you can also find armor and weapons thee. But before you start exploring, you will need scuba gear. Throughout the game, you will buy a business called Sonar Collections. This will give you access to a submarine, and you will automatically wear a scuba tank when you get out of it. You will also be able to unlock a Strangers and Freaks mission, thing that will give you access to a Zodiak boat.

Grow your businesses

There are some businesses available for purchase, which are placed across Los Santos. You will need to start making money from some of them before you start buying serious property, but then you will start owning them – ownership is character-specific. You will get a weekly influx of cash, and optional missions related to your business. But keep in mind that they are on a timer, so you need to act quickly. Otherwise, you will miss the opportunity. You would not ruin your business by losing them, but you don’t earn as much in a week as you’d do by completing these missions.

Visit them all

Some locations will be off-limits, such as the military base and the prison. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot visit stuff around. There are many places hidden, such as the abandoned hippie commune, or the mountain fort of the Altruist Cult. Make sure you cover the entire map while roaming around because you might find some amazing things to see.



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