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Grand Theft Auto 5: Tips and Tricks You Need to Try Right Now

GTA 5 has been here for quite the time, and players are always looking for tips and tricks.we have all seen the streets of Los Santos before, but every time we go back to them, we discover something new. This game is fantastic, and it has a lot of hidden gems.  If you did not spend some time driving, then you can miss out on a lot of stuff. You just need to be patient to see all the places.

Here are some tips and tricks to discover more in the game

Help citizens in need

There are many random events across this fictional world. It’s mostly people needing something from your characters – a ride or so. It can actually be good for you. Some may even pay you.

Be faster

All of the cheats are already on every gaming website out there. You can move faster, were you aware of that?

When it comes to Xbox, the cheat code is Y, Left, Right, Right, LT, LB, X. when it comes to PlayStation, the cheat code is Triangle, Left, Right, Right, L2, L1, Square.

Take care of Chop

If you wait enough time to get the iFruit app on your phone, and then take care of Chop in the mini-games available, he will start bringing collectibles to Franklin. We know it’s not exactly comfortable with pausing your game in order to play a mobile game. But the collectibles are quite great. You get spaceship parts! And submarine parts!

Store owners are your friends

When police are looking for you, try to hide in a store, and see what happens. The store owner will begin to fight with the police. We know, we were surprised, too. You can always count on store owners to be your ally in these situations. But keep in mind one thing: do not pull out your own gun because the owner might see you as a threat, and you don’t want him fighting you.

Fight the missiles, unless you’re on the ground

When you are in danger, your first instinct is to run. If you see a jet firing a missile at you, then you should ignore that instinct and try to fight it. It’s already hard enough if you don’t know how to dodge a missile.

When you see a missile streaking towards you, you should move towards it, and then downwards. Missiles are not able to handle those. Of course, if you are in a jet, as well. If you’re on the ground, and someone has fired a missile at you, well, run.

Play business

Here’s the thing: buy and sell stocks as an activity. Play the stock market, as it will only benefit you, and it might also be a fun activity to do besides the main missions.

After you get access to it in the game, you need to make sure that you know exactly what you’re doing. For example, if you buy sticks in a car company, make sure you know how to deal with the competitors in order to increase the value of your business.





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