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GTA 5 Online Alien War: Get the Complete Look With the Baseball and the Suit

We have learned some more about the end of the GTA 5 Alien War. This is the shutdown. We know it started as a joke, with players getting purple or green Alien Suits in GTA Online, and attacking other players..just like that. Then it spread online, and then the gang was all over the place. Then it also spread to other platforms, like Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Then Rockstar Games decided it was time to help.

Last week, they offered an Alien Suit as a free outfit, which made it easier for players to join this game. Sure, it was hard to grab a baseball bat, but you were able to find a lot of Alien Gangs when going on the public servers. We have heard that there will be, indeed, a GTA 5 Online Alien War, between Purple and Green aliens. The only rule is to use melee weapons.

How can I get an Alien Suit?

It’s very easy to buy and wear an Alien Suit in GTA Online, and, the best of all, it will add you as part of the Arena Wars expansion. You can find it in most of the clothing stores there, and the bodysuit can be picked from the Ammu-Nation gun shop. Just look under Outfits: Arena War section, under the bodysuit category. The only problem here is that the Alien Suit is kind of expensive, like $300,000 in-game cash expensive. If you don’t want to buy it, you can unlock it through the Arena War Career. However, that means that you’ll also spend some money there.

Don’t forget about the Baseball Bat. You can get it for free, as long as you find the location. This is what the new Alien Gangs choose as a weapon, so it might be better to get it together with the costume.




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