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GTA 6 Leak Suggests An Early Release

Gamers all around the world were hoping that some form of GTA 6 announcement was going to be posted by Rockstar in March, but that turned out to be a hoax. However, there is still hope: The resume of a voice actor might have just proven that GTA 6 has been in the development phase for years now.

Source Of The Rumor

A twitter account that is dedicated to posting GTA 6 related content uploaded a screenshot of actor Jorge Consejo’s resume one week ago.

The actor’s resume stated that he played a vital character known as “The Mexican” in the upcoming GTA game. Also, he added that CGI motion capture for the game’s development was done back in 2018.

A subsequent tweet from the actor himself pretty much confirmed that he worked on a “secret” Rockstar project. He made it clear to his followers that he is unable to comment on some aspects of the project because of contractual obligations. As you can imagine, that reply has only fueled fans’ imaginations, and many rumors and speculations began surfacing.

Consejo’s position

The PDF file containing the actor’s resume is available on his professional site. However, the line that spoke about his work on GTA 6 was deleted. Further analysis in the website’s HTML code revealed that the page with the CV was edited on March 31, which suggests that he modified it to avoid unwanted attention to what looks like a substantial role in the upcoming Grand Theft Auto game.

However, only time will tell how accurate all these rumors and predictions were.



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