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GTA 6: Release Date Confirmed by Rockstar Games via Instagram Story?

Let’s talk about GTA 6, again! We all have to admit that from all the Grand Theft Auto titles, GTA 5 has them all: shooting, running away from the police, killing cops and pedestrians, stealing, chasing, blowing up stuff, robbing banks, even transforming into animals, and so on. Being in charge of Trevor, Michael, and Franklin can assure the players countless hours of gameplay and fun.

Therefore, you can easily imagine yourself what insanely high expectations the fans have for GTA 6. GTA 5 is in the top 3 best selling games of all time, and GTA 6 has to be at least that great. But when exactly will we see GTA 6 released seems to be the ultimate question in gaming.

Does Instagram story unveil the GTA 6 release date?

Rockstar recently shared via Instagram story a photo of basketball player LeBron James from 2003 while he was sitting near a copy of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The image was also shared by the NBA On-Court Instagram account. Many fans began speculating that the purpose behind all this could be some kind of teaser for the GTA 6 launch. We shouldn’t forget that the location for GTA 6 is also Vice City, and that should complete the picture of the speculation made by the fans. A return to Vice City is a great idea considering the insanely amount of success GTA Vice City had.

It’s been seven years

GTA 5 has been released way back in 2013, and there’s a huge amount of time since then, considering that GTA fans never had to wait so much for a sequel. This is another strong hint that GTA 6 might be coming soon.

However, if you can’t bear the long wait for GTA 6, you always have GTA 5 at your disposal, along with its online mode that receives weekly updates.



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