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GTA 6 Should Adopt This Special System From Middle Earth!

Rockstar Games hasn’t yet confirmed that Grand Theft Auto VI is in production, but there’s an increasing amount of evidence that the title will be the most massive entry to the franchise in all its history.

A recently (supposedly) leaked image added more credibility to an alleged leak from two years ago that claimed the game would take place in Vice City, South America, and the Caribbean, accentuating on the “Project Americas” concept.

Though that may all be speculation for the moment, we feel like Rockstar should make a change in the way GTA VI will be played, by introducing a feature that’s very popular in Middle-Earth: Shadow of War.

The Feature

The Lord of the Rings – inspired game has hordes of Orc enemies you fight, and they have individual power hierarchies that modify when the player kills some enemies or when an Orc gets to kill the player.

Powerful captains have unique, progressively generated abilities that make them stand out from the familiar grunt. Still, each of the characters has a chance to progress up the infernal ladder by killing the game’s protagonist.

If a grunt struck you down, it turns into a “Nemesis”, and is promoted to the rank of captain. Players have to wreak revenge on that orc to put an end to its reign of terror.

GTA 6 may benefit from that concept but use rival gang members instead of Orcs and other mythical creatures.

That would result in a more immersive experience, with dynamic and gradually progressing difficulty.

We feel like Rockstar’s game would only benefit from adopting that feature, as it makes the experience more challenging, though it implies some extra development.



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