GTA 6 Should Borrow This Feature From Max Payne 3 to Make Things Spicy

The next GTA game will have to meet a lot of requirements in order to make fans happy, but there is one thing that they can really do in order to make us super happy. They should bring back Max Payne’s combat systems.

Grand Theft Auto 6 can make some specific things to keep the game spicy after all these years (it probably will be, anyway), and one of the best choices that Rockstar could make is to bring back for the game the old shooting mechanics from Max Payne 3. We know that the first two Max Payne games were made by Remedy Entertainment, who also created Alan Wake and Quantum Break, and their most recent one, Control. However, the final entry of the series is a Rockstar title.

Why is Max Payne 3 our model?

Max Payne 3 was still famous among fans of both Remedy and Rockstar. And one of the best things about the entry in the Max Payne series is that the game had a combat system, kind of a mix between John Woo action and The Matrix-style slow-motion movies, which allowed players to “take care” of enemies properly.

When we are shooting in Grand Theft Auto, there is no substance, nothing special really happens, but the story is different with Max Payne 3 fights, which are impressive, and frankly, better for the audience.

So what should Rockstar do in this case?

If Rockstar wants GTA 6 to be the best Grand Theft Auto, as they planned, they should take into account the combat mechanics. Maybe add the entire overhaul of the way shooting?

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