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GTA 6 Will Have a Brand New Location, and It’s Not What We Were Expecting

The GTA game series is genuinely one of the best on the market. Rockstar has in its plan to launch its new GTA 6 game. This is all we know so far. 

 Will you be able to play it on a console? 

The game from Rockstar will be the 11th game from the series. However, we have a teeny-tiny problem. There are no official reports saying that the game would be launched on PS4, Xbox. According to some rumors, the game might be released in February 2022. We have also heard that the game will come with support for PS3, PS4, and PS5 consoles, plus all the Xbox consoles. But what about the PC version? Apparently, we’ll have to wait for more for that.  

 There’s a new location? 

 We learned that the game will come with an improved graphical interface. There’s also a rumor about a new location. It’s probably going to be Tokyo or London for this one.  

The angle of the camera 

If we are to take a look at the rumors, we could see that there would be a camera angle for this game, as well – the same as the one on the other games. We’re talking about the very same rotating camera module.  

So when is the release date? 

Rumor has it, the game is almost done. We’ve been waiting for quite the time, and we cannot wait to get our hands on it as soon as possible.  

While many argue that the game is still not ready for the public, we always want to believe that it will hit the market soon. But we should take all of these rumors with a pinch of salt.




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