GTA V Diamond Casino & Resort — Is It Any Good?

Open world games have reached great heights in the last several years, and one game, in particular, has extended the boundaries of what is possible to do in the virtual world. Even if you aren’t familiar with video gaming, you must have heard about Grand Theft Auto.

The main GTA V component called GTA Online had released many updates since 2013 when the original game was released. Most of these updates concerned adding new races and vehicles to the game, like the Cunning Stunts: Special Vehicle Circuit and Southern San Andreas Super Sport Series.

However, in 2019, GTA developers decided to give players a top online casinos experience. While the GTA franchise is not a stranger to in-game gambling activities, the goal of the Diamond Casino & Resort update was to bring gambling in GTA to a whole new level.

What sort of response did this GTA Online update receive, and what is so special about it?

Diamond Casino Property and the Penthouse

The most notable thing about GTA’s casino DLC is the casino property. It received a complete makeover compared to the original game, both inside and outside. Once you start the game, the casino will be introduced to you by the character named Tom.

From there, you have two options — immediately start playing the games or purchase a penthouse. The latter option is much more beneficial, as it allows you to buy more chips later in the game.

The penthouse is a really nice touch. It comes with plenty of customization options, and you can have your own office with a computer that you can use, your own private dealer that lets you play blackjack and 3-card poker, a theatre room where you can watch movies, a spa, a barber, arcade games, and more. The penthouse itself and the customization options that come with it are reasonably priced.

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The Casino Floor

Apart from all the games that you can play in the original release, Diamond Casino adds several new games to the mix. The best new game definitely is Spin the Wheel. It grants you one free spin every 24 real hours. You can win cash prizes, casino chips, new clothes, and new cars that come with the DLC.

The majority of games in the casino are video slots. They are simple 3-reel 1-payline games that can be played in various betting ranges. Other games include blackjack, American roulette, and 3-card poker. There’s also the casino track where you can bet on horse racing. The only classic casino games missing are baccarat and craps.

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Story Missions and Other Content

The casino games, the penthouse, and new items are not the only things that come with this DLC. GTA Diamond Casino & Resort also added six new story missions that feature some familiar characters.

The missions are unique and fun to play through, and you get money after completing each one. If you call Ms. Agatha Baker, she will give you one of 16 random jobs as a part of the Casino Work submissions.

The casino also has a casino store where you can purchase new clothes and decorations, but only by using casino chips. You can play five races, over 200 casino collectibles, and a total of 22 new vehicles, six of which are readily available for purchase at the beginning of the game.

Casino Games – Restrictions

The biggest downside of GTA Diamond Casino & Resort is the fact that many people cannot play casino games. This is because casino gambling, even in the virtual form such as this one, is illegal in some countries. Rockstar has to follow these laws, and that’s why casino games in the DLC are unavailable to players in over 50 different countries.

These players can still enjoy story missions, buy new cars, and do other miscellaneous things, but the fact that they can’t enjoy one of the most significant features of this update is rather disappointing.

Final Verdict

So, did GTA Diamond Casino & Resort live up to its expectations? Most players agree that this is one of the best GTA V updates in the last several years. Six new story missions are unique and very well thought through. There are also several submissions that are extremely fun and rewarding.

Those who enjoy gambling games will be happy with the graphics and gameplay mechanics that are, in some cases, even better than in games you can play in an actual online casino. A few classic casino games are missing, but 3-card poker, blackjack, and roulette are masterfully done.

The only disappointment is that you won’t be able to play these games if you are from one of the restricted countries. Nevertheless, the story missions, a VIP penthouse, and new cars and items will keep you entertained for hours, and they make this DLC definitely worth the purchase.

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