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Hackers Just Released a Brand New Jailbreak for Every iPhone out There – Including Ones Running on iOS 13.5

An iPhone hacking team has released a new jailbreak tool that is able to unlock every iPhone out there. We’re talking about all of them – even the most recent renders, that come with the latest iOS 13.5.

Why people choose to jailbreak their devices

Apple has allowed only apps and customizations for its phone that it approved, and hackers have tried to break free from this “jail” – see why they use the “Jailbreak” name? Hackers find previously undisclosed vulnerability in iOS, which break some of the restrictions that Apple adds in order to prevent access to the underlying software. They say they do it for security. But by breaking these restrictions, users can customize their phones as they want – thing that Android allows its users to do.

Will Apple solve this problem?

The jailbreak was released by unc0ver, and it comes with support for all the iPhones out there that run iOS 11 and above, even for the iOS 13.5, which was released this week. Right now, we don’t know much about the vulnerability that they used in building the jailbreak. We also know that it won’t last forever. Apple will probably work fast to patch all the flaws and to close the jailbreak.

Experts advise iPhone users not to jailbreak their phones because it increases the vulnerability of data.

This jailbreak comes just when Apple is trying to show that they have all under control when it comes to security. Just last week, Zerodium stated they wouldn’t buy certain iPhone vulnerabilities because there are way too many of them. Hackers were also able to get a pre-release version of the upcoming iOS 14.







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