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Half-Life 3 – Current Status, Plot and Release Date

Half-Life Alyx will be the first game of the Half-Life franchise after a break that lasted 13 years.

The wait has been tough on gamers, especially since Valve was silent, and its employees were careful and responsible enough not to reveal any sensible or relevant information.


The game follows the story of Gordon Freeman, a scientist who has to find his way out of the Black Mesa Research Facility after an experiment of his takes a turn for the worse.

Gamers will progress trough his story by fighting aliens, human enemies, gaining new techniques, and having fun.

The ending of Half-Life Alyx depicts Alyx trapped in the claws of G-Man, the supernatural being.

The final part is played from Gordon’s perspective, as he rushes back to save Alyx, which is a good reason why the game should be called Half-Life 3 since it’s not a spin-off.

Release Date

Valve has officially announced the sequels to half-Life. Still, the format hasn’t been revealed yet – We might be introduced to Half-Life: Alyx 2 or some other variation.

Writer Marc Laidlaw published an official recap to clear things out. Now that the third episode has been canceled because of the intrusion of other projects and Source also requested extra development time, Half-Life 3 has an even better shot!

Stay tuned to learn when the game will be released!

PC Version

Unfortunately, there is a lot of content about Half-Life online. A lot of it is a work of fiction, and only a small bit consists of facts.

The newest updates confirm that Half-Life 3 will be a VR release, which is arguably good news.

However, no updates about a PC port have been given as of now. We hope to see the game available on PC too!



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