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Halo 2 Gets Released on PC: Find out When

The release of Halo 2 on Steam and PC has already been confirmed this week. Players are only hours away from getting the long-awaited MCC update. The studio has established a full schedule for the Halo 2 release date for PC, which has been set for May 12th in the US, and May 13th in the UK. They decided to roll out the new patch for the Halo Master Chief Collection late in order to avoid all the problems with the servers.

So when is the release date for Halo on PC and Steam?

Microsoft has set the Halo 2 PC release time for 8pm PT, on May 12th. This means that the game will be available in the UK around 4am, on May 13th, 2020.

There is also a new update from Microsoft, which confirms that they will still have to work on getting rid of all of the bugs after the launch. The update says: “As some of you may have heard earlier this week, Halo 2 (H2) and Halo 2: Anniversary (H2:A) are coming to PC players on May 12th, at 8pm PT (UTC-7). With this comes many new features for PC players including Theater for Halo 2: Anniversary and Halo: Reach, Customization for H2 and H2:A, and Weekly Campaign Challenges.” Then, the studio continues with the fact that they have talked about an update called “Thorage,” but, eventually, got to be split into two separate ones. Apparently, Theater is ready for PC, and Forge is not.

They stated that they made a lot of progress on Forge, but that they will have some supporting systems they are working on before the feature will be complete. They also mentioned that they found a new issue in H2:A: the reticule is off-centered when playing the split-screen multiplayer.





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