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Healthy Lifestyle — When To Eat To Protect Yourself From Heart Conditions

According to a recent study, it is advised to eat dinner before 6 pm if you wish to improve, you’re the state of your health and avoid the risk of accumulating weight or developing type 2 diabetes. The risk of developing heart disease is boosted the every 1% calorie intake after 6 pm.

Previous research has shown that the type of food which is consumed in a diet plays a significant role for the overall health of a person, and many are familiar with the classic tips which suggest that the consumption of an excessive amount of salty, sugary or fatty food can cause significant issues in time.

One hundred and twelve women participated in the study. The average age of the participants reached 33 years, and the experiment aimed to observe if consuming food before or after 6 pm can lead to any perceivable effects.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle to protect yourself from heart conditions

The results were quite impressive as the participants who opted to have their meal after 6 pm developed a higher risk of high blood pressure, and increased blood sugar levels and an elevated BMI (body mass index). The three are classified as cardiovascular disease risk.

During the study, the researchers observed that there is a direct link between the consumption of a significant amount of calories and the appearance of the three markers that were mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Many lifestyle websites and magazines underline the importance of what we eat, how it is prepared, and the amount of food that should be consumed. There a surprisingly low number of articles that take into account the time at which the readers tend to eat their food since most of them ascertain that everyone must know the right intervals already,. There is no need to repeat obvious information.

The fact that the modern lifestyle encourages many people to eat early in the morning and late at night is also a significant negative influence.



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