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Here are the Best VPNs for Android

Today, it is more than important to have a VPN on your device. With such a service, all the data sent and received on your smartphone is tunneled through encrypted systems. This means that you can use unknown or public Wi-Fi sources securely or unlock websites otherwise unavailable in your region, and so on without having to worry about your security. 

All of the best VPN providers already have dedicated Android apps, considering that Google’s operating system is the most used around the world, with more than one billion active users per day. Downloading a VPN app on your Android phone provides you with a plethora of additional streaming options, and much more.  

How to Choose the Best VPN App 

There are numerous VPNs with great Android support, but which one you choose might come down to some small details or personal preferences.  

However, when choosing the best service, you need to consider a few things. It has to be, obviously, as simple to use as possible, but to also offer sufficient options and features. You’d probably want to use the VPN on other devices as well, so make sure you get one that also works with your computer’s OS and covers multiple devices. 

Other things to consider is the security, such as a kill switch, so you’re not left exposed if your Internet connection servers, and also a privacy policy and terms of service that clearly states what logs and details are kept by the developer. 

Top Best Android VPN Apps for Android 


This dedicated app is incredibly good, user-friendly, and straightforward, and it also offers a multitude of advanced options. It packs some neat functions like an amazing location detector, insecure network detection, and a kill switch that enhances privacy and security. 

ExpressVPN uses AES 265-bit encryption and has a fast speed. It provides quality apps for a multitude of devices, with the Android version boasting high-speed servers in 94 countries. The VPN is also compatible across phones, tablets, Kindles, and Android TV boxes, and has 12 languages available. 

After signing up for a subscription, the website will give you instructions to install the app on your device. Moreover, the website also has some very useful content and video guides on how to use their apps and also 24/7 customer support by live chat. 

Private Internet Access  (PIA)

PIA’s Android version is user-friendly and has numerous options and settings you can adjust. It has numerous features, port forwarding and proxy support, UDP and TCP protocol settings, and more. You can also define local and remote elements, choose custom encryption and handshaking techniques, auto-connection whenever you join a VPN and a kill switch. 

The app has a big on/off button at the center of the display, and the region and IP address at the bottom. The performance is good, and the privacy policy is favorable. 


Surfshack has become one of the most popular VPN services lately, mostly because of its market-shattering pricing, and its quality is great.  

Unlike other VPN apps, Surfshack doesn’t really change the user interface from desktop to mobile. This means you can easily get functions like the kill switch, split tunneling, and integrated malware blocker. In case you ever need support, the app makes it easy to raise support tickets from the application.  

Surfshack is also compatible with a multitude of devices, such as laptops, TV streaming devices, router, and so on. A subscription covers unlimited devices, which is a heavenly deal as it is something not many VPNs offer. 

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