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Here Is Why We’re Not Getting God of War 5 Soon

God of War is a fantastic video game which has managed to form quite the fan base over the years, but there was always room for improvement. They had managed to get better with time when it comes to gameplay. After the 2018’s last God of War game, we are waiting for God of War 5, so we’re asking ourselves when we will be getting it? 

When is the release date? 

We all know that there is nothing official on the internet about the arrival of God of War 5, but it has been known for quite the time that it is still under development and that it if it were to appear, it will probably happen next year or two years from now. 

Where would I be able to play it? 

God of War 5 is still under development, as we said before, and it will be released after the launch of PS5, which means that we will be getting the game on this platform. Right now, there’s no news about any other platform in this game. 

What about the gameplay? 

Kratos and Atreus will, of course, be the central characters of the game. People have started talking about Thor making an appearance in the game to confront KratosRight now, we’re waiting to hear more about the exact plot and gameplay. 

We have also learned that the God of War is getting delayed because the team behind the game is still working on it. They want to make it better than the previous games. There is a significant change coming up, and that is the experience on the PlayStation that it will arrive on: it will be a new thing to experience if we will play the game on PlayStation 5. 



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