Here’s When You Can Download Minecraft Dungeons

Fans of Minecraft have been waiting for a very long time for Minecraft Dungeons after its initial announcement made it back in 2018. In this release, there won’t be any mining, but there will still be a lot of adventure to take advantage of. The release date for Minecraft Dungeons is set for the 26th of May, 2020, and Microsoft has already talked about its plans to launch the game on Nintendo Switch, PS4, PC, and Xbox One. 

The official release date for Minecraft Dungeons is on the 26th of May, 2020, and it will be the same date across all platforms. But Xbox One players will have a bonus: it will be available to download from the Xbox Game Pass from the very first day. Microsoft has also confirmed a lot more details about the launch of the game, including that time where we should be able to download it: 1 AM PDT | 4 AM EDT | 9 AM BST | 10 AM CEST | 5 PM JST | 6 PM AEST. 

If Microsoft wants to make some changes, then we will find out soon, for now, these are the dates in which we can get the game. The Minecraft dungeon Standard Edition will be available for $19.99, and the Hero Addition will have a price of $29.99. It will come with the Hero Cape, a chicken pet, and two-player skins, which will only be available in Minecraft Dungeons. We’re also getting the first two DLC packs. 

Moreover, Minecraft Dungeons Standard Edition will come to Xbox Game Pass for Xbox One and PC. The Standard Edition will be included in the Xbox Game Pass membership. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members will get access to the console and on the Windows PC. They can also save up to 10% on any other related Minecraft Dungeon DLC. 

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