Here’s Why Far Cry 6 Is a Traitor

It seems that Ubisoft is planning to announce the next Far Cry game at their E3 event in July. We will all see the return of VaasWe know that the virus has complicated our lives a lot. If it weren’t for it, E3 would have started today in L.A., and we would have already known everything about the plans of Ubisoft, E.A., and Microsoft. The only event scheduled for this week is the one from Sony.  

 Ubisoft also has a digital event, but it won’t happen until the 12th of July. E3 was the perfect event, they always come with surprising announcements, but what if we told you we already have details about the biggest leak on the internet: Far Cry 6. Ubisoft already stated that they have five triple-A games that they want to release before April 2021.  

 According to some sources, Far Cry 6 will be the one to please those players that did not like Far Cry 5’s U.S. setting. This means that the action of the new game will not happen in North America. There are talks about the Himalayas, Central Africa or an island in the Pacific Ocean. 

 We are not surprised to find out that the game will not continue with the storyline from Far Cry 5 or the New Dawn. Far Cry 5 was very successful, but New Dawn? Not so much. Ubisoft stated they would rethink things through before giving it a sequel.  

 We have also heard that Michael Mando will offer his voice for the character of Vaas. This might imply that there’s some kind of prequel, but we should not let this be our source for details about the series and take it with a pinch of salt for now.   



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