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Here’s Why It’s Safer to Go on Tinder Dates Now

Tinder wants to add a panic button, along with other safety features for their dating app. They also want to add emergency assistance, location tracking, and photo verification.

These features will first make their appearance in the US, from the 28th of January, but we do not know when they will be available around the globe.

Match Group, who is the parent company and who also owns Hinge, OkCupid and PlentyOfFish, wants to add these features to all of their apps. They have invested some money in Noonlight, which comes with online emergency response services, and other personal safety products, which will all be used in Tinder.

The technology coming from Noonlight will enable users to alert the emergency services, and the location data should also be accurate.

Before a person goes on a date with another one, she or he will be able to save the info about the person when the date is happening. If they hit the panic button, the emergency services will be alerted with all the details, and with the accurate location data.

The photo verification feature will help you avoid the catfishing persons – that’s when someone uses a fake identity online. It will happen with Artificial intelligence, which will check the profile pictures that are uploaded to the app. Users will be asked to take real-time selfies, and this is how their identity will be verified.

The chief executive of the Match Group company stated that they are the first dating company that will invest in these safety features. It’s crucial for their business that their users are safe. “We’ve found cutting-edge technology in Noonlight that can deliver real-time emergency services – which doesn’t exist on any other dating product.”

For so long, dating companies have been criticized for not offering safety features for their users.

UK police stated that, back in 2018, the number of sexual offenses with online dating sites doubled, in comparison with earlier years.




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