Hitman 3 Update – Everything You Need To Know

Good news for the fans of the Hitman franchise!

The third part of the popular series was announced! It brings a conclusion to the story that started about four years ago.

A clip from IO Interactive was showcased at the PS5 launch event.

Release Date

Hitman 3 will be launched sometime in January 2021. The precise launch date is not known yet. The final, fixed date will most likely be revealed in November or December 2020.


The gameplay will most likely resemble the one we’ve seen in the previous two games, with some additions.

The game’s main objective is to eliminate the main villains, but some side quests will also be available.

Agents will reportedly be able to interact with the World innovatively.

The graphics are stunning, just like we’d expect from a game that runs on a next-gen gaming console.


The game will focus on putting an end to the story that started with the 2016 Hitman game. It will start right where Hitman 2 ended so that continuity will be assured.

Unfortunately, that is all that we know regarding the story for now.

Diana Burnwood would supposedly team up with Lucas Grey, her long-lost friend, to eliminate the partners of Providence.

We will have to be patient to learn how they will do that.

There are dozens of theories available, but neither can be confirmed for now.

Here is the trailer of the game, in case you haven’t seen it yet:

If you come across a fan-made theory that isn’t backed up by strong evidence, keep in mind taking it with a pinch of salt as information about the game is scarce.

Stay tuned to learn more details about the upcoming Hitman game as soon as they show up!

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