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How Can Video Marketing Help In Boosting The Startup Business During The Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has affected businesses across the globe in an unforeseen manner. Billions of enterprises are running into financial losses. Among all those, it is the startups that are the worst affected. To survive such trying times, startups need to improve their brand visibility and come up with innovative marketing ideas.

While there are multiple ways of achieving this, video marketing strategies are the most effective means of reaching out to the public who are trying to spend as much time as possible indoors. They can single-handedly uplift the advertising of a firm and its promotional strategies to give it the boost needed to survive the pandemic.

In fact, among both B2B and B2C startup businesses, better customer engagement, and more adaptability can be expected out of video marketing. This article explores how video marketing can transform the face of marketing.

Plan your video

It is important to plan your video to ensure that your video has an impact on the viewer. Ideally, each video should either be showcasing a product or service or have a purpose. The purpose may be anything from creating brand awareness to establishing customer loyalty.

Identify the purpose and then pen down a story that you wish to tell the viewers through your video. Such systematic planning will enable you to create an impactful video without burning a hole in your pocket.

Give Your Audience What They Want

At the core of any business lies the idea of catering to the needs and expectations of the public. As a startup, your marketing plans should center around the same.

Every day almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube alone, according to MerchDope. By creating a video, your firm gets more exposure than it would have been otherwise possible with blogs or email.

A good example in this regard will be that of the Dollar Shave Club. This was an unheard of startup till they came up with a viral video. The video was a game-changer, and today it proudly stands as a billion-dollar enterprise, according to

Prepare Videos and Then Use Them to Answer People’s Questions

Start by creating a video for every product or service that you offer. The use of a video ad maker tool will help you give your videos a professional touch.

Then, a look into sites like Quora will list out all of humanity’s problems to you. If you feel that your product or service solves any of them, post your answers. The use of the native video answer feature of Quora will help you reach a wider audience at the click of a button without any additional investment.

Create Diverse Business Videos

It is a common myth that business videos are all about boring product demos. While you can always have some product demos, try to diversify your video marketing strategies to include adverting videos, DIY, or how-to-videos and customer review vlogs.

Spend some time in identifying the business video maker that works the best for your varied video-making needs. This investment will pay off by boosting the sales figures in your coming days.

Use of Video to Direct Sales

Most people believe that watching a video is less taxing than reading a piece of text. Businesses can capitalize on this to engage the audience in interesting videos that promote the goods or services that the firm offers. By getting the audience to spend a long time on the business website, more amount of purchases can be expected.

Videos as Lead Generation Aids

Often, a potential customer knows that they want a product or service but are unclear about its technicalities. In such cases, he or she often relies on videos on the internet.

To ensure that you get maximum lead generation on your videos, make sure that they are uploaded not only on your official website and social media handles but also sent to the email distribution list.

Dominate Social Media Feeds

Be it Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter; social media handles are giving increasing importance to videos. On any given day, videos are given preference over photos or text posts in terms of their position in the newsfeed. As a startup with limited funds for marketing, you can use this feature to channel your efforts.

Be it the release of a new product or a partnership, try to create a video and get it on social media. You can also organize a session with some influencers to help your product or service reach a larger group of followers.

Go for SEO of Your Video

As you invest your efforts in creating the ideal promotional video, you must develop an SEO strategy for the same. Identify keywords and try to incorporate them in the title of your video.

This will help your video come up in organic search engines and provide you with an audience who is willing to listen to you, without having to opt for any paid advertising.

Also, try to use tags when posting your video, as that will increase its online presence. Things like your contact info and your website details can also be a part of your video description. This will enable people who liked your video to reach out to you at their convenience.

Engage Even When You are Not Selling

Due to the pandemic and the lockdown and government restrictions, you may not be able to sell all your services. This is true in the case of startups in the hospitality sector. In such a situation, it is important that you stay relevant to the audience and that they do not forget your presence.

Try to create a video talking of an upcoming service that you have in mind. You can also create a video wherein you show the behind-the-scenes of your company’s life or tell your struggle story. This will help your clients stay connected to you through difficult times.

Like every other marketing campaign, you must keep a close eye on your videos’ performance metrics. The analysis of their viewership records will help you identify the areas where you are lagging and overcome the same.

The best part of it is that all such planning, obtaining, and analyzing statistics can happen right from the comfort of your home. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and make the most of video marketing to boost your organization even during such challenging times.



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