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How Did the Stars Form in Our Galaxy?

Recently, scientists discovered a fantastic burst of stars in our galaxy, a formation which resulted in 100.000 supernova explosions. This discovery took part in some surveys of the Milky Way, from which we got many details about how the stars formed the galaxy in which we were born.  We also gained valuable insight into the dramatic event, which brought the stars, which we all see today.

All of these findings change a lot when it comes to the understanding of the story of the Milky Way. There was not a continuous process when the stars were formed, but there was a bright flash that simply lit up the galaxy.

The survey of the large part of the Galactic Centre has given us a lot of details about the formation process of stars in particular regions of the Milky Way. This comes from Rainer Schödel from the Institute of Astrophysics of Andalusia in Granada, Spain. He was the leader of the research.

They found that the formation of stars is not continuous. This comes from  Francisco Nogueras-Lara, the leader of two new studies about the Milky Way. In the study, scientists found out that 80% of the stars from the Milky Way were formed during the earliest years of the galaxy – between 8 and 13.5 billion years ago. Then, about 6 billion years – a few stars were born during this period. However, this period was brought to a crescendo of star formation, which took place about a billion years ago, when it starts with the mass of tens of million Suns formed in the center, in just 100 million years.



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