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How Does Money Work in GTA 5?

Everyone needs money in GTA V. We are here to explaining to you how to make more money in the game.

You might know that you’re getting most of your money in GTA V by playing all the connected stories, but there are also a lot more options if you want to make money easy. Convenience stores and liquor stores can be robbed – you just have to point the gun to the cashier until they give you money. Armored cars? Also, an easy target, blow it up, and you’ll get cash.

Also, playing the stock market might also be a good idea. There are LCN and BAWSAQ. LCN is tied directly to the events of the game, so you might want to be careful at what is happening and watch LCD closely because your actions in the story will relate to a company at some point. This is mostly available when it comes to the assassination mission which unlocks halfway through the story. Make sure you pay attention to everything they tell you in the pre- and post-mission briefings for these assassinations. These killings will influence stock prices in many ways.

And when it comes to BAWSAQ, it is tracked on Rockstar Social Club and influenced by the behavior of the overall GTA V community. If people are stealing the type of car or robbing one store, the stock on BAWSAQ it’s going to fluctuate.

But these are not the only ways to earn money. If you see your minimap suddenly getting white, take a look for blue or red dots there. Those are citizens in need. It might be pickpocket, sometimes it’s a gang shootout or someone drunk looking for a ride. You can help these people and get some extra cash. These are huge sums – you can simply steal $2,000 from that lady over these instead of getting the $200 reward.




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