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How Much Time It Takes to Bake a Cookie in Space

Astronauts that are currently on the ISS – International Space Station – have tested an oven, in which they baked five chocolate chip cookies. We also know the result of the experiment: the cookies took a long time to bake than they would on Earth.

ISS Astronauts Baked Cookies in Space

These cookies needed two hours to bake inside the ISS. On Earth, they would take about 20 minutes. These cookies were returned to Earth in a spacecraft built by SpaceX, which got into the Pacific Ocean. They were made with raw food materials, and they will remain frozen in a laboratory from Houston, Texas.

The oven was made by the company Nanoracks. The cookie dough was supplied by Hilton DoubleTree hotels. Of course, those that manufactured the oven knew that it would take longer for them to be baked, but two hours was quite the time.

Mary Murphy, from Nanoracks, stated that “There’s still a lot to look into to figure out really what’s driving that difference, but definitely a cool result.” She also stated that the baking results would continue to be examined in order to understand better why the baking took so long.

It Took The Astronauts About 25 Minutes to Bake Cookies in Space

Researchers also want to study how effective the baking tray was since it was designed to work in microgravity conditions. The chocolate chips cookies were frozen when they were sent to space, and they all had to be baked separately in the oven.

Luca Parmitano was in charge of the baking experiment, and this happened back in December. The first cookie stayed in the over about 25 minutes, at 149 degrees Celsius. It was unbacked when it came out of the oven.



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