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How Small Is the Smallest iPhone 12?

According to the rumors, the iPhone 12 will come with one very popular model, it’s smallest one, of 5.4″. Apparently, the phone will come in three sizes: 5.4″, 6.7″, and 6.1″.

The Dummy models have shown how smaller is the small size, in comparison with the rest of the lineup. The small size is placed in-between the size of the original iPhone SE and the 2020 iPhone SE. It is really the smallest iPhone coming from Apple in so long – it has been years!

Apple has teased the small version of the iPhone 5 as being just the perfect size if you want to use the phone with only one hand, but ever since then, the devices just got bigger and bigger. From the original 3.5″ size, it got to a 6.5″ size. Right now, the smallest iPhone that you can get is the 2020 iPhone SE. This one uses the 4.7″ screen size of the iPhone 7/8. Of course, the 5.4″ screen size is larger than the 4.7″ screen that’s used on iPhone 7/8, and the fact that they removed the Home Button from the screen allows the device to be smaller.

Features of the phone

The best part of the new phones is that we’re getting a new physical design. They will come with a triple-lens 3D camera and OLED displays. They will also give us the chance to get our hands on 5G connectivity, and we’ll also get an A14 chip

 What would the price be?

According to some rumors, the phones will have a starting price of $649.




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