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How to Block a Person In Gmail In Three Easy Steps

We live in a virtual world, where an Email ID is needed. Email address is utilized for signing up, purchase things or communication. Most of the sites request for such thing, an email ID while making an account. Gmail is known as a top-rated service that is free and offers various features for controlling emails for users. Gmail can also notice spam emails.

So, when you’re utilizing a Gmail, you would have faced the Spam situation in which the emails are kept in the inbox. To not encounter these things anymore, the users should block the emails. To do such a thing, a user can choose from many different ways. Here is the best option for you to try out.

Block A Certain Sender

Start by sign in your Gmail account, and then check out for the email you want to block. Choose the 3 vertical dots settings, and pick the “Block” option.

Choose a Setting for the Filters

If you don’t intend to block all the senders manually, you have to block the senders through setting the filters. First, sign up into your account, and choose the triangle option, behind the search email feature.

Moreover, when open that menu, type the email ISs or names that you want to block and choose the “Create filter” option. You will also need to pick the “Delete it” option in the upcoming dialog box and then select again the “Create filter” option.

Block or Delete Emails Through Keywords

If you don’t have email access to your account, you can block or delete emails automatically through keyboards. To do such a thing, sign up into your account, and pick the triangle option, behind the Search email feature in Gmail. Then, type the keyboards in the box that appeared. Choose the “Create Filter” option, and select the “Delete it” setting in the upcoming dialog box.



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