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How to Build a Nether Reactor in Minecraft Pocket Edition

We have written this article to show you how to make a nether reactor in Minecraft Pocket Edition. This one is essentially a nether portal in the game. First of all, you need to have the full version of the Minecraft Pocket Edition game, and it must be updated to 0.5 alpha. Also, don’t forget to turn on the survival mode.

Minecraft Pocket Edition – How to Build a Nether Reactor

The Layers

You will need 14 cobblestone blocks, one nether reactor core, and four gold blocks. Now we’re getting to the bottom layer. For this one, you will need the four gold blocks and five cobblestone blocks.

For the middle layer, you will need four cobblestone blocks and the nether reactor core. You might get confused when using the cobblestone blocks, so make sure you’re using gray wool for the cobblestone on the bottom layer.

For the top layer, you will also need to apply wool to see the cobblestone – it really works and keeps you focused on building it.

The Portal

To activate the portal, you will need to punch the core and use an iron sword or a stone sword.

Make sure that you place the nether reactor far from your house and from all of your valuable buildings because the reactor can destroy them. Also, keep in mind that this entire thing works only on survival mode.

The Core

In order to make the Nether Reactor Core, you will need some items: 6 Iron Ingots and 3 Diamonds. You need to get to the crafting table and tap on the nether reactor icon to make it.

It sounds like it is a piece of cake, but players often get tricked with the number of cobblestone blocks, and they lose their focus. So make sure you use wool at all times when building a Nether Reactor in Minecraft Pocket Edition.



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