How to Build Iron Golem and Snow Golem in Minecraft

Summoning both the Iron Golem and the Snow Golem in Minecraft boosts up a player’s experience. The characters would team up with the player for fighting against terrifying monsters. They can also be summoned by accumulating some particular blocks in an especially-designed way.

After a player summons the creatures, they can attack skeletons, zombies, and other opponents. However, if you’re looking for ways of creating an Iron Golem or a Snow Golem, there might be some useful ways to help you. Also, if you’re not sure where to start, follow the next steps, and you should be able to do it.

Build an Iron Golem or a Snow Golem in Minecraft

Iron Golem can be spotted, usually in villages, where there is a specific number of inhabitants. The creature needs a way to protect itself against opponents. Iron Golem automatically attacks beasts, so you can keep it close at a specific strategic point by using a Lasso.

As for the Snow Golem, its skills are not that stronger, because of its snowball attack power. It is also made of snow, and unfortunately, it can be destroyed by rain or other things that involve water. To create an Iron Golem or a Snow Golem, it’s an easy process that requires you to be very creative. Here is what you’ll have to do!

Create an Iron Golem

  • Utilize 36 Iron Bars on a Work Table to create four Iron Blocks. To get iron, you’ll have to search for the metal in the underground levels of Minecraft using a Pickaxe.
  • Search for a Pumpkin or plant one.
  • Put the four Iron Blocks and the Pumpkin in a cross pattern, but place the Pumpkin on top.
  • You’ll notice how quickly the blocks and the pumpkin will turn into an Iron Golem.
  • Use a Lasso to guide the Iron Golem and secure it.

Create a Snow Golem

  • Get a Shovel and use it on snowy grounds to make at least 8 Snowballs.
  • Put the Snowballs on a Work Table and turn them into 2 blocks of Snow.
  • Place the 2 Snow items one over another and a Pumpkin on top.
  • All blocks will turn into a Snow Golem immediately.
  • You can use a Lasso to guide the character and secure it.

In short, that’s how to build Iron Golem and Snow Golem in Minecraft. For other interesting articles about Minecraft follow our page on this game.

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