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How To Convert Minecraft PE Worlds to Minecraft for PC

The Minecraft universe continues to expand at an even higher rate than the real Universe itself. Developers are looking for various ways of nurturing the Minecraft legacy that has a great concept: unfolding a world made entirely of blocks where the players get to put their imagination at work. They can build, craft, destroy, and so on.

Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE) is the perfect choice for any fan of the legendary series who wants the main game’s basics on his smartphone. But there are some particularities on this version that you may want to enjoy from the PC. Therefore, here’s how to convert:

For Android phones

Carefully follow these easy steps:

  1. Connect the phone to PC by using a USB cable.
  2. Copy Worlds on your PC from the /games/com/Mojang/minecraftWorlds folder.
  3. Download MCEdit for your PC and install it.
  4. Once you open MCEdit, you can select the “Open a level” button. Browse the “level.dat” file that’s stored in the PE world folder.
  5. Use the customize selection button for selecting all the options and select “export”. Browse the same for a random folder on your PC.
  6. Load a PC world through MCEdit.
  7. Select Import tooltip.
  8. Select the PE Chunks and position them where you wish in the new world.
  9. Press Import
  10. Paste your PE world and select Save. That’s all, congrats!

For iPhones

It’s not too different, but also easy-peasy:

  1. Grab a USB cable and connect the iPhone to your PC.
  2. Download iExplorer.
  3. Locate ‘Minecraftworlds’ in your PC’s files and open it.
  4. Launch iExplorer.
  5. Head to the Apps section.
  6. Select ‘Minecraft PE’ and open ‘Games’ folder.
  7. Select the ‘dotcom.Mojang’ file and then the ‘MinecraftWorlds’. You can now see all of the worlds.
  8. Drag and drop the folder with the desired world in the ‘Minecraft worlds’ file that you opened earlier from your PC.
  9. Launch Minecraft PE, and you should see the worlds you transformed.
  10. Pick one of the worlds and start playing.

That’s all you need to know about converting Minecraft PE Worlds to Minecraft for PC. Enjoy!



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