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How to Convert Minecraft PE Worlds to Minecraft for PC

Minecraft: Pocket Edition is the mobile version of the popular blocky game Minecraft. Some players have reportedly wanted to transfer their progress from an iOS device to Windows 10 but encountered issues; however, we’ve got the solution.  

Convert Worlds in Minecraft PE  

Minecraft was initially released as a PC game but was later on made available to consoles and mobile devices, in the form of Minecraft PE. Minecraft: Pocket Edition was an instant success because numerous fans wanted to be able to play on the go.  

There are thousands of custom maps in the game, as some developers have created castles, schools, pyramids, a miniature version of certain cities, and so on. The game also has a software available that allows you to convert a real image into an in-game item by simply placing blocks all over to create the image you want.  

Minecraft has infinite potential, but the only limit is indeed your imagination. Some PC worlds can’t be converted to mobile if their size is too large, as Pocket Edition has some limitations, but most of the maps on mobile are available for porting to PC.

How to Convert Minecraft PE Worlds to Minecraft Windows 10 Worlds  

Here is how to transfer a Minecraft world to Minecraft Pocket Edition for Windows 10:  

  • Plug in your iOS device into your PC  
  • Download iExplorer and while the download processes, search for ‘Minecraftworlds’ in your PC’s files  
  • Open the first folder in the window that appears (if you don’t have any Minecraft worlds yet, the folder will be empty)  
  • Launch iExplorer and go to the ‘Apps’ section  
  • Select ‘Minecraft PE’ and open the ‘Games’ folder  
  • Next, click on the ‘dotcom.Mojang’ file and then on ‘MinecraftWorlds’ – you’ll see all your worlds there  
  • Now, simply drag and drop the folder with the world you want in the ‘Minecraftworlds’ file you opened earlier on your PC  
  • Launch Minecraft PE, and the worlds you converted will appear in the game  
  • Choose the one you want and start playing  

This simple guide should help you port worlds from Minecraft: Pocket Edition to Minecraft for PC in no time. With that being said, here are six best Minecraft PE seeds that make the game more interesting, how to create an end portal in the game, and some tips on how to survive in Minecraft: Pocket Edition. 



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