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How to Craft a Table in Minecraft PE

In the game, you just had to craft some small items by going to the crafting menu. The crafting grid, of 2×2, was helpful only for simple items. You can update your crafting area by making a crafting table in Minecraft. The item will be larger, 3×3, and there will be more complex items, such as weapons, and tools, and armor. We are here to tell you how to craft a table and what you need in order to do so.

So what do you need?

In order to craft the table, you will need four wood planks, any kind, from spruce, to oak, to the jungle, to birch, to acacia.

It takes you about 2 minutes to craft a table. First of all, you need to open the crafting menu. The command depends on the platform:

For PC or Mac: press the E key.

For Pocket Edition: press on the triple dotted button on the right of the Hotbar.

For PS3 and PS4: press the Square button on the controller.

For Xbox 360 and Xbox One: Press the X button on the controller.

For the Windows 10 Edition: Press the E key.

For Wii U: Press the Y button on the gamepad.

For Nintendo Switch: Press the Y button on the controller.

For the Education Edition: Press the E key.

After this, you will need to add the ingredients in the 2×2 grid. Fill all the boxes with the four wood planks.

Then, you will see the crafting table make its appearance in the right single-box.

That is all you need to do – wasn’t that easy? You can save the table in your inventory and use it whenever you want. Keep in mind that you can also craft mediators, like a Brewing Stand, or a Furnace, or a Smithing Table.



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