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How to Create a Facebook Ad that Converts

Among digital marketers and business owners, Facebook is the best platform to advertise their products. In the United States alone, approximately 70 percent of people log into the social media network every day, making it the best tool for marketing.

Facebook has come out as one of the best and advantageous advertising platform for B2B and B2C businesses. In the last few years, because organic reach on the platform has decreased, savvy digital marketers have been posting ads on Facebook to bet results.

A Successful Facebook Ad Has This Component

There are a few things that need to come together in order to make an ad on Facebook efficient. For instance, you need the right targeting, a great image or video, and an impressive copy.

The most important success component in Facebook advertising is targeting. Definitely, the platform has the best ad targeting of any other social media network. The highly individual targeting enables you to get specific about the audience you want your ads to reach.

Here are a few methods to help you target your ads on Facebook.

Custom audience view enables you to target existing clients or leads
• If you choose a location targeting, it allows you to target by location
Gender targeting enables you to define your target audience by gender
• Targeting the audience by interests enables you to aim for the interests of your possible clients
Behavioral targeting allows you to aim for past behaviors of the audience, such as a person visiting your page
• The connections filter enables you to target your audience based on the people who already liked your page

The Difference Between a Google Ad and a Facebook Ad

An AdWords text appears exactly the same on mobile and on desktop altogether. Even so, compare this type of text with a Facebook ad, which is more creative. These ads allow you to choose between various headlines, images, text, and call-to-action options for different placements for various devices.

Facebook ads offer an exquisite balance when it comes to deciding which ad you want to go with. The process weighs up a large variety of goals, ad types, placements, and size, in order to get the creative part perfect. One of the places you want to begin with is the platform and device placement of the ad.

For the standard desktop version, News Feed is the main top-level option to go with. As a rule, the priority location here returns an above-average conversion chance. Moreover, you get more space to implement the ad of you have a larger image, longer copy, and an additional link description section. Even so, this option is a bit competitive and relatively more expensive than the other common options.

You can begin building an audience on Facebook by particularly targeting mobile devices, on which discovery and initial involvement can usually be hard for lower rates.

The Bottom Lines

If you decide to create a Facebook ad, you have to set up an ongoing system that can review and analyze your ads. Then, you can effectively make adjustments to the social media campaign.



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